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A complete guide to makeup brushes

The thing that takes girls from makeup novices to makeup masters is expert use of makeup brushes. But don’t worry, we have the lowdown on everything you need to know when it comes to choosing the correct makeup brush.   Do you know which the brush is used for what? Stay tuned as we show you which one you’ve been using wrong your whole life. We reveal a complete guide to makeup brushes.     Foundation brush     The foundation is the base of your face, and how you apply, it can be the difference between looking like a supermodel and looking like you haven’t slept in days.   Do you apply your foundation with your fingers? If so stop right now and buy yourself a foundation brush you probably know what they look like it’s your standard makeup brush.   It’s designed to help you have a smooth

How to customize makeup brushes

As a professional makeup brush factory, we have established full professional services as follows:   1. Custom makeup brushes and package   1) Please send us your detailed requirements on each brush material/size/color of bristle/ferrule/handle, drawings and physical samples will be the best for both of us in case of any misunderstanding. Please check here for details and drawing reference. 2) Please send us your whole logo file which specifies the color, location, and size of the logo on brush; 3) Please let us know your order quantity, different quantity has a different price. 4) Please let us know your target price or budget if you have. Some customers require to customize makeup brushes with top quality and best material, but with the low target price. Knowing the target price and budget will save time of both customers and manufacturers   2. Help with brush/package design   During your brush

Why there is the colour error in the different bath of printing package?

The existence of print colour difference can easily lead to the reduction of packaging printed matter and the overall value of the product. Bad colour box printing will cause huge losses to the brand, losing the trust of customers.   The printing factory should pay attention to the colour difference of the makeup brush packaging, and it should not be too much different, at least to be similar to the sample colour. However, some colour errors are within a reasonable range. We called a consistent error. There are mainly three types.   The first   There is a deviation between the colour of the printed matter and the proofing; that is, we usually say that the printing cannot catch up with the proofing, such as ink problems, paper problems, and dot reduction problems. For this difference, the printing staff of the printing house should try to catch up with the

How to identify the brush material?

Before order the brushes, most customer usually ask if the brush is natural hair, whether it is very soft. It is not entirely correct to judge whether the brush is good or not by the softness of the bristles.   Look at the material first: to judge whether the make-up brush is good or bad, the most important is the material of the bristles.   The bristles of professional make-up brushes are generally divided into two categories: natural hair, fiber synthetic hair (mainly nylon hair): But some makeup brushes need a certain hardness to achieve a better makeup effect, which will be mixed with natural hair and artificial hair. Whether the bristles are soft or not is inconclusive, and everyone’s skin feels different. Therefore, choose which brush to consider from the desired makeup effect, but also according to your skin sensitivity.   The quality of the brush should be from

How comes the makeup brush head break off?

You might be met this situation before; when the makeup brush supplier delivers the mass good of makeup brushes, the brush head is easily broken from the handle when you use it. This cause many complains from your customers, the best way is to send a new brush as the replacement. But a brush can be replaced by the customer, and it is hard to make the customers ignore the unpleasant shopping experience, even worse, these kinds of reviews are terrible for your brand reputation.   Why happen like this? As we know the makeup brush was handmade, and the handle and ferrule are glued together, this may cause by the non-standard production process and the inconspicuous inspection process.   Whether the workers were well trained, they have responsibility or not. Does the manufacturer make the quality inspection of the glue? Do the ferrule and handle materials are a standard size

About Shipment.

The product price quoted is EXW (Ex Works) Price, which only includes EXW price (factory price) and shipping fee from our shipping company warehouse in Shenzhen, China. As to FOB and CIF terms, please read the following information. #1 EXW (EX-Works) Customers arrange transportation all the way from Shenzhen to the final destination. Customers are responsible for the entire export process. #2 FOB (Free on Board) Because the quoted price is EXW, customers pay an extra FOB cost, depending on the total volume of the shipment. The FOB fee is same as our forwarder quoted, no hidden fee. We deliver cargo to the Port of Shen Zhen, where they handle the export process. Your own forwarder will manage to ship from Port Shen Zhen to your location. We offer FOB Shenzhen service for LCL (Less Than Container Load) and FCL (Full Container Load— 20GP, 40GP, 40HC containers). Be sure to

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