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Single Makeup Brushes

Searching for makeup brushes of different functions to complete your cosmetic brush line?

Then your search will end here with our selections of face, eye & lip brushes of all styles.

As a professional makeup brush manufacturer, Meet Cosmetics offers you makeup brushes combining designs, quality & functions that exceed your expectations.

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Enhance Customer Application Experience

Every brush is well designed to deliver your customers the best user experience.

Soft Brush Hair

Both natural hair & synthetic fiber are well selected by our brush experts to make sure they’re gentle on the skin.

Perfectly shaped Tip

Brushes for different purposes feature a well-shaped tip for easier & more accurate application.

Non-shedding Ferrule

The anti-rust metal ferrules are built against shedding by securing firmly to the brush tip with premium adhesive.

User-friendly Handle

The shape, size & weight of brush handles are designed based on ergonomics for better application.

Cost-effective Private Label Makeup Brushes

Whether you’re looking for makeup brushes with original designs or one-of-a-kind brushes for your brand, we’ve got you covered.

Our mature supply chain & flexible production enable us to provide you one of the most cost-effective private label makeup brushes.

From material selection, brush shape customization, and handle design to logo printing and even bespoke packaging, we can help you create custom lines of cosmetic brushes to satisfy your market.

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